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THIS is a real pristine piece of history, this is the one for you. This is an amazing example of one of the first successful ES (Electric Spanish) guitar models ever made, and may be one of the best-preserved models of its kind left standing from that 1940’s period.


She is all original from stem to stern. This is an extremely well cared for guitar. No cracks, a relatively minor scratch on the front just above the pickup which has been professionally matched and touched up with the proper nitro cellulose (you have to have it in just the right position to even see where it was) and very minimal crazing anywhere on the guitar. This is an unrivaled specimen.


This beautiful guitar has a maple back and sides and a beautiful sunburst spruce top. The body's depth gives a full resonance, not achieved on some of the shallower, later models of the ES. The neck is mahogany and straight as an arrow. The fretboard is Brazilian rosewood with plenty of fret left at all levels. The action is low, and with the wider early neck she's loads of fun to play.


The pickup is an early transition from the Charlie Christian pickups of the 1930’s. It was one of the first individual pole adjustable pickups for each string, setting the standard for that period. This style was only used on these models from 1940-1943. The sound, plugged into both vintage and modern amps is amazing.


The headstock has the thicker early “Gibson”logo. This period of Gibson 125 models did not have serial numbers. However, the FON is clearly stamped inside the treble F-hole where it should be, 7202 H, which places her in 1942. The case is original and in extraordinary condition. The entire guitar from structure and appearance to electronics has been inspected, and has been cleaned and polished to the perfect original luster. Again, this is an all original instrument and is a piece of extremely well preserved history. You may never find another this nice!

Gibson ES-125 1942

SKU: 364115376135191
  • ES-125 1942 Mint Condition with original hardshell case. 

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