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The highest rated drum machine from Boss is the DR-880 DR. Rhythm combining traditional drum machine features with modern sequencing.

With an easy to use interface and velocity sensitive pads that are prominently placed and well spaced for convenient manual drumming, you’ll be creating your own patterns in no time. Or, you can trigger any of the 1000 patterns that are pre-loaded into the unit.

In total, there are over 440 drums and percussion sounds, and 40 bass sounds with modeled bass amps, the DR-880 gives you a lot pieces to use for building your rhythm.


  • 440 drums and percussion sounds
  • 40 bass sounds with COSM amp models
  • Guitar/bass input, COSM multi-effects and amp models
  • EZ compose feature
  • 3 Insert Effects
  • 1000 patterns, 500 user and 500 preset
  • 20 velocity sensitive pads
  • 4 assignable expression and footswitch pedal inputs.
  • USB port
  • Digital out and Independent output ports.


The Boss DR-880 has Incredible sound quality, outstanding durability and reliability, as well as responsive in live situations.

If you are a guitarist, and you are looking for a drum machine for recording and practice, the Boss DR-880 is highly recommended.

Boss DR 880 Drum Machine

  • Boss DR 880 Drum Machine

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