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Vintage & Heritage

We cherish the path laid before us....

Our guitars, music, recordings, and production reflect our love of the heritage of music.

Classic vintage Guitars

Professional Recording In Studio or your Location

Your music is an expression of your soul. It emanates from your character, emotions, and life experiences. Adequately expressing this to the world takes time, attention, and connection.  This value in central to our core when we work on your art.  

Classic Vintage Guitar Studio provides a place where you can be comfortable, take risks, and put it all on the line. All takes will be recorded and archived for the current project, or for your next inspiration. 

Need a different guitar or amp to nail the tone and expression you are looking for? When recording with Classic Vintage, you have access to our entire inventory for your project.


Need a recording space? We provide a stress free "home" comfort to allow your creativity to flow. Already have a recording space? Perfect. Classic Vintage will come to your location. We understand that tone and inspiration come from a particular location as it does from the artist. We remain flexible and sensitive to that.


Ready to start? Let's get started and open the world to your art.

Your Agent in the Vintage Guitar Market

Acoustic or Electric....We'll help you find your next quality guitar.

For those that appreciate great, quality and vintage guitars, it shows. Here, at Classic Vintage Guitars, we love and appreciate these guitars as you do. Enthusiasm for these instruments is uncontainable through communication from you and us as well as the way you hold, view, and appreciate the quality in these instruments. As you know, it is easy to recognize fellow guitar aficionados immediately.

You’ll quickly recognize that we share your love of these outstanding instruments as you do  when you engage in conversation with us here at Classic Vintage Guitars.


These instruments are a piece of history and tools to express who you are and further, to help you become a part of the world of creating music that lasts generations. Our sole goal is to make top quality, rare guitars and vintage guitars available to fellow enthusiasts, musicians, investors and collectors.

Through our passion for these instruments, we find great pleasure in answering your questions about these guitars, helping you find new homes for yours, and connecting you with your next great vintage guitar.


Every guitar has a story and a history. You have been part of yours, and someone else's is waiting to become a part of you.


Join us, and let us be your dealer in the Vintage Guitar Market.



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Taking Flight 

New Release by Grady Boyce

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